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We are a Non-Profit Garage

We are a group of people who want to help others. God’s Garage was born out of the needs we saw around us, as some of our single ladies, widows, and wives of deployed military are struggling to make ends meet. One of the ways that we can help, is to step in and make necessary repairs to their vehicles. We also have found those who are in need of a vehicle, but are not at the place where they can purchase one. Through donated cars and parts, we are able to bridge troubled times in so many people’s lives.

God’s Garage is an IRS Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Contributors should consult with their tax advisers, or the IRS, to determine the amount of contribution that is deductible. The tax deduction is limited to the excess of the contribution over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for the donation.

God’s Garage has been used by God to bless my family

God’s Garage has been used by God to bless my family. We had sold one of our two cars in order to trim down our budget and for around two years made one car work for our family of three. After having our second daughter things were getting cramped in our sedan, but I was laid off from my job and we didn’t have a way to upgrade or purchase a second car. While I was looking for work we began asking God to provide a second car for us, believing that He would provide the income for us to purchase it. It was becoming more and more difficult to make one car work for our family as we became more involved in ministries and church activities. At just the right time, when we were needing it most, God provided a minivan to us in the most unexpected way. Pastor Chris Williams from God’s Garage gifted my family a 2000 Dodge Caravan! The provision of this vehicle has truly assisted my family with being able to continue serving God in various ministries- some of which we would not have been able to do with just one car. We are so grateful to God’s Garage for blessing us with this unexpected gift!

John N.

Thank you for fixing my truck

Dear God’s Garage,

I want to thank you for fixing my truck. It passed inspection and is now legal.
I am extremely grateful. Thank you and God bless you always and forever.


Thank you for being God’s extended hand

Dear God’s Garage,

Thank you for being God’s hand extended to me and my daughters in a recent roadside disaster. During a horse transport, our 27′ trailer had a double blow out on the same side. While they were crawling to the nearest gas station, I passed my daughters on the road but quickly unturned when I saw they were in trouble. While standing at the gas station and making those frantic phone calls for help, I “just happened” to run into a ministering angel from God’s Garage by the name of Chris Guido. He saw the delimna and immediately responded to give assistance. Chris actually had a heavy duty floor jack in his truck to remove the shredded tire, drove the limping trailer to the air pump and paid the fee to air it up. All this was in the middle of the work day and I’m sure Chris was made late for his next appointment.

We had no way to get those repairs done ourselves, but God knew who to send to help us in our time of need. Thank you God. Thank you Chris Guido. Thank you God’s Garage for your hands on ministry.


Jeanie Schaubert, Elaina and Michaela

God’s Garage is a Godsend for single women on a tight budget

Pastor Chris and his team at God’s Garage is a Godsend for single women on a tight budget! I’m an older widow with no relatives or children close by, and drive a 2008 Chevrolet. The car occasionally develops problems which would be very expensive if taken to an auto dealer or mechanic. A window would not roll up or down, requiring an expensive new switch. The engine light remained on (just before inspection), indicating a problem with the throttle. God’s Garage repaired these for me for the cost of parts (or less), and did a great job. The car runs great now, and I am very comfortable driving it. What a wonderful ministry!

Thanks again!


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